Telecoms Lifters: creating your mobile office

Creating your mobile office

Cordless technology now allows offices to function with much more flexibility, allowing team members to move around the office where required and achieve greater efficiency.

But how do you support mobile staff in a busy call centre environment without compromising customer service and still allowing your team to use their headsets for hands-free working?


The Plantronics HL10 lifter solution!

A ‘lifter’ will allow a call handler to answer calls remotely whilst away from their desk. The technology attaches to the team member’s deskphone and seamlessly connects to their cordless headset; at the touch of a button on the headset, the lifter will raise the deskphone handset and the call can be dealt with.

Lifters by Legacy are noise cancelling, with surrounding sound from the user’s desk muted to allow for exceptional call clarity. Once the call is ended remotely by the handler, the lifter will return the handset.


Industry-leading systems

Legacy supplies the Plantronics CS540A system with HL10 Lifter. The monaural wireless headset is ideal for medium and heavy use, with a fantastic range of up to 350ft. Featuring volume and mute buttons, ultralight weight and up to 7 hours’ talk time, the Plantronics system is an exceptional investment for any business, allowing ultimate office mobility. 

Want to buy? You’ll find the Plantronics wireless headset and lifter system here.

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