5 Ways to Measure Up with Customer Service


Making  customers look good isn’t usually this literal a proposition, but the importance of the concept holds true even when speaking figuratively. Here are a few questions to gauge how well you’re doing here with your customer service and customer experience:

  1. When a customer is wrong—yes, this happens!—do you “school them” on the error of their ways or do you make the mistake seem like one that could have happened to anyone? (Or, best of all, if it isn’t necessary, do you simply not point it out to them in the first place?)
  2. Have you taken a good hard (and recent) look at whether your customer experience is easy to use, self-explanatory, streamlined, relaxing? Or do you just assume that since your insiders (employees) understand it, that it’s clear enough and easy enough for customers to use as well? Believe me, feeling lost and frustrated by a counterintuitive customer experience doesn’t make anyone feel good about themselves.
  3. Do you use indecipherable company jargon that makes a customer feel dumb? Or do you translate your thoughts into language that makes a customer feel good about themselves–because they actually can understand what you’re saying without strain?
  4. Do you respect your customers’ time, or do you drag things out in a way that seems disrespectful, like their time is less valuable than yours?
  5. Do you make customers feel like they’re an interruption of your work, rather than central to it?

It’s hard, when reviews seem to be all about the superficial aspects of your business, however,  keeping these customer focused principles in mind will ensure they will remember their experience in a positive and professional way,  when a customer feels and looks good during their time with your business, they’re going to feel better about you, too.

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