Migration Is Essential!

Considering replacing your telephone system may not be on your radar at this moment in time, and you could possibly be thinking "if it's not broke why fix it". Stephen Dykes from Legacy Telecom has put together some key information that offers reasons why you should seriously consider migrating to hosted.....now!

Quite a number of on premise telephone systems are more expensive to run and to maintain but also taking into account the BT Switch Off in 2025, every UK business will have to implement changes to ensure business continuity. 

BT Switch Off in 2025.  Click Here 

Stephen Dykes our hosted specialist has put together 9 Reasons Why, a great article looking at the benefits of replacing your older technology and why this is a great commercial decision.

9 Reasons Why - 5 Minute Read. Click Here  

We're also offering the Free Business Audit, the audit offers advice on your current infrastructure and information on what is expected from your business in order to be ready for the BT Switch Off #Be2025Ready

Stephens podcast is worth a listen, discussing some of the valid points you should consider if you're unsure about a hosted telephone system. Click the image below

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If you wish to talk to Stephen direct you can call him on 01942 686 261 or  connect with him on Teams or email stephen@legacytelecom.co.uk 



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