Benefits of Hybrid Working for Businesses

Benefits of Hybrid Working for businesses

The 9-to5 is dead. Long live hybrid working......

Depending which article you read, there has been a lot of talk about whether the traditional 9-to-5 will ever return or whether there is actually a new way of working.

Technological improvements have made it possible. Lockdowns proved it could work. And now employees are starting to demand a better work-life balance, one where hybrid working is at the core.

The technology that enables people to remain connected from wherever they choose to work has been available for some time and adopted by a few pioneers. However upcoming changes such as the BT 2025 Switch Off will force all businesses to adopt VoIP services, web collaboration tools and cloud or hosted telephone systems.

But it’s not just about the technology. For many, the lockdowns and pandemic showed that being able to work from wherever they wanted and still able to do their jobs effectively was a reality. And now the benefits of home-working for employees are clear but what’s in it for business owners and employers and why should they support their teams?

So whether you’re talking about flexible, hybrid or remote working, or working from home, it’s not just about the employee. There are also benefits for businesses to upgrade their technology and embrace work flexibility.

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