Broken Headsets- Let's Talk about Repairs

What are the options for broken headsets ?

If your response to the above question was to dispose of the broken units or perhaps find a corner within the office and indefinitely store in a cardboard box, then Legacy may have a solution that is not only cost effective but a real "green" alternative that will reduce your carbon footprint.

The Headset Repair Service

The service allows our customers to get their faulty or tired headsets repaired. It's a "no fix no fee" service,  so you'll only ever pay for those units that our repairs dept are able to fix.

The Headset Repair Service allows faulty headsets to be brought back into service from as little as £18 plus we give a further 6 month additional warranty, all consumables are replaced with new plus the repaired units are hygienically cleaned with industry standard cleaning products.

We can also offer....

If you wish to replace your faulty or obsolete headsets then our Headset Exchange Scheme is another cost saving idea, the scheme allows you to update your wired headset with NEW at a reduced cost. Click on the Headset Exchange Scheme for more details.

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