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Compare the Plantronices Noise Cancelling Headset to our Ipsum Pro Noise Cancelling Headset

Legacy’s fantastic range of compatible headsets offers a real, cost-effective alternative to branded products.

See at a glance how each product compares on functionality, reliability and cost:

Plantronics SupraPlus - Binaural Noise Cancelling Headset (HW261N)

Ipsum Pro NC - Binaural Noise Cancelling Headset

£74.99 + VAT per headset

£55 + VAT per headset

Top-name brand, well recognised and used worldwide in many different environments

Premium quality, compatible with Plantronics leads and amplifiers and suitable for all environments, from light to heavy use

Two-year warranty

Two-year warranty

· Wideband audio for natural sound

· Compatible with standard bands

· Noise-cancelling microphone reduces background noise

· Comfortable and adjustable headset

· Reliable and durable for heavy use

· Quick Disconnect allows for mobility in the office

· Superior sound quality

· Flexible and adjustable to suit users’ needs

· Noise-cancelling microphone reduces background noise

· Acoustic Shock Protection circuit

· Plantronics-compatible Quick Disconnect

· Leatherette ear cushions as standard

· Wide range of accessories available


Try our compatibles!

Maintain great call standards for reduced investment by making the switch to our compatible headsets.

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