Easter Giveaway


When Easter arrives you know it's that time of year when things in nature start to spring into life, we also start the spring cleaning process with our own lives, so spring clean your work space with some brand new headsets or refresh them this Easter, as is the time to begin a fresh start and a new, cheerful season.

We want to help you get ready for spring and summer by offering you a chance to win a professional and high quality headset or maybe a sweeter surprise if that's what you prefer.  

This Easter, we are giving away a free headset to 5 selected people who likes and shares any 3 of our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, and you could be at a chance to win a free IPSUM Pro W headset. 


IPSUM Pro W: £90.00 

By winning one of these superb, efficient headsets, you are saving a whopping £90 on buying it online. You can't get a much better deal than that! 

But that's not it all! Also, if you spend £100+ on your next purchase, we will include a free Easter egg as our way of saying thank you and a very Happy Easter!


For more information on our products and services, please don't hesitate to contact the team on 01942 686 260 or email at sales@legacytelecom.co.uk.

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