Essentials For Home & Office Working

We thought it was time to update the consumables list for most popular contact centre and now home working products that we sell.

Since Boris Johnson announced " work from home, if possible" there has been a definite change in the products purchased. The migration from office to home working has brought with it some never before seen products on the list along with some firm favourites too. 

All the listed products are based on our customer buying patterns, the products offer insight to the changes experienced pre-pandemic but also the vertical markets that we support which include councils, NHS, education and legal organisations.

The top spot hasn't changed and is dominated by the USB wired headset, the mass migration to platforms like Teams and softphone applications has made the USB headset our number one best seller in the mentioned vertical markets. 

Genus Pro USB

This very popular Binaural USB is designed for commercial use, it's plug and play and compatible with  Microsoft® Teams and softphone systems. The 12 month warranty and leatherette ear cushions offers durabiilty and comfort.

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QD to USB Adaptor

The second most popular consumable, especially for those home working is this very inexpensive adaptor.

The QD to USB will convert your regular desk phone headset into a USB device, ideal if you are hybrid working. You can use the headset for the desk phone in the office and as a USB for your laptop or PC. 

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Spare QD Leads

Additional QD leads are still very popular, we saw our 3.5mm QD rise up the list very fast in 2020, this allows a headset plus the 3.5mm QD connect to a mobile phone. A firm favourite for those working from home and using a headset to drown out background noise. 

We currently have most of our QD leads on a Buy 10 Get 1 Free offer.

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Y Training Cable 

Throughout 2016 - 2020 the Y Training Cable was the top seller for contact centre consumables after the headsets themselves.

The adaptor allows mentoring for call centre staff with their supervisors in a very discreet manner and unbeknown to the caller. A simple very cost effective training aid that develops your new starters.

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HD Webcam

Our HD webcam offers a great quality and affordable camera solutions for home or office working. This Plug & Play USB webcam offer 2.0 Megapixel, 1080 resolution and integrated microphone.

We have recently reduced the cost in our Autumn Sale

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Mobile Phone Protection

Protecting your mobile phone is a smart investment, from £10 we can offer protective silicone cases and tempered glass screen proctectors. Ergonomic design and tailored to fit the specified model. Easy to fit, simply stretch the case from the edges and push the phone in Perfect protection from dust, scratches and falls. We have bundles for most IOS and Android devices. 

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 New Ear Cushions

Replace your ear cushions regularly, our generic 5mm Leatherette ear cushions are also supplied in packs of 10 they are compatible with Plantronics SupraPlus and EncorePro headsets, the Jabra GN2000 headset and Jabra BIZ 1900 series, Sennheiser headsets and our Genus Pro headset range.

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Finally some of the listed products are available in our Autumn Sale at discounted prices check out what is available.

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