Exchange Faulty Headsets for New

Headset Exchange Scheme
Legacy has offered a headset repair service for quite a few years aimed at those organisations who would benefit from having their faulty headsets repaired.
The service is very popular and we decided to enhance it slightly by offering the opportunity to exchange faulty headsets for new.
The Headset Exchange Scheme allows you to replace faulty headsets for new ones from the range of Legacy headsets. We can offer a Unity Monaural Voice Tube headset with warranty for  just £25.00. Due to the popularity we recently added the Xenexx range to the scheme.
Whether you are looking to exchange faulty headsets or perhaps just looking to refresh your headsets in general, the Headset Exchange Scheme is an ideal route to save money too.
If you have any interest on the Headset Exchange Scheme or you wish to discover what other  products and services we can offer then call 08456 777 400 to speak with one of our team.

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