Five Essential Tools for any Call Centre

5 Essentials 

When it comes to providing excellent customer service an agent handling calls effectively for your business is commercially critical.
The tools of the trade are essential to ensure that employers are complying with health and safety along with boosting productivity.
  1. One of the best selling essentials is the Headset Training Adaptor the device is ideal for mentoring between supervisor and new starters. The adaptor benefits from a mute switch allowing direction to be given to the agent and unbeknown to the caller.
  2. USB Headset Training Adaptor there seems to be very few training devices when it comes to USB or Unified Communications. Our USB adaptor overcomes this limitation allowing you to simply plug two standard headsets into the USB adaptor then plug into your USB port - the adaptor auto connects and away you go.
  3. Headset/Handset Switch enables you to switch easily between your traditional desk phone and your headset through this compact switch. The device is intuitive and the simple controls are ideal for those telephones that don't have a dedicated headset port.
  4. Telephone and Softphone Adaptor If you switch between a traditional desk phone headset and transcript/soft phone headset, then this adaptor offers a hassle free way of switching plus it saves you money, you only need a single headset for either taking calls with the desk phone or working with the soft phone or transcript equipment, the adaptor offers a firm step towards Unified Communications.
  5. Universal QD Lead allows you to seamlessly connect to Plantronics, Unity, IPSUM & Xenexx headsets. They are ideal if you have multiple platforms within the organisation, essentially offering one QD Lead to fit various  telephony vendors.

If you have any interest on the aforementioned or you have a specific headset enquiry please call one of our headset specialist on 01942 686 260.

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