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BT have announced that they will be switching off some of their most popular services by the end of 2025 as they upgrade their network to the latest VoIP technology.

ISDN and Analogue Lines (also referred to as PSTN services) will be ceased and any business still relying upon them for their telephone systems or internet connectivity will face massive disruption.

Legacy Telecom realise that you didn’t set up your business to become a telecoms expert but your telephone system and internet connectivity are essential components to your success. And, for many businesses, the jargon and technobabble that seems to be endemic within the telecoms industry just causes unnecessary confusion.

That’s where our FREE Telecoms Audit comes in.

What does the Audit include?

Our comprehensive audit is designed to help you plan for the change and ensure that any disruption to your business is minimal. We will:

  • Take stock of the services you are currently paying for and highlight and areas where you might be inadvertently overpaying
  • Understand how your business now operates – many have changed their working practices in recent years, or at least would like to if their technology allowed it
  • Discuss with you, in plain English, how the BT Switch Off will affect your business and telecom services
  • Answer your questions about how the latest technology can help improve the way your business works – are you able to introduce flexible working for example?
  • Leave you with a clear and simple plan to #Be2025Ready

Why is it important to have a plan?

There are several reasons why it’s important to have a plan now, even if you don’t or can’t implement it immediately.

  • Avoid sharks – It’s a sad truth that whilst the telecoms industry mostly comprises of honest, ethical business that operate with integrity and a genuine desire to help their customers, there are a small number of less scrupulous companies that will see this BT Switch Off as an opportunity to sell you services that you either don’t need or aren’t fit for purpose. If you already know what you have and what you need then their silky sales patter and marketing spin will be seen for what it is.
  • BT Stop Sell – Whilst ISDN and Analogue services will continue to work until the switch off at the end of 2025, BT have already started to restrict the availability and have stopped selling these services in some areas. This means that you may end up with a complex mix of technologies that will be much more difficult to upgrade.
  • Save money – One of the best money saving tips is that applies as much toy your weekly shop as it does to your business services is to work out what you need before you go to the shops. Write a list and stick to it. That way you won’t be tempted to buy exciting new shiny objects at the checkout. Remember those sharks? They spend more on marketing than they do on service and support.
  • Peace of mind – You will know what you have and what you need as well as what you want. It’ll be documented and you can relax knowing that when you’re ready, when your contracts allow, you can upgrade in plenty of time and #Be2025Ready.

Now’s the time to get your business in shape for the future and Legacy Telecom are the telecoms experts so you don’t have to be.

To take advantage of our FREE no-obligation audit simply complete the form and one of our telecoms services experts will be in touch.

If you wish to discuss any of the enclosed feel free to call us on 01942686260 or email 

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