At Legacy Telecom ltd, we supply the Genus Pro headsets with a Unified Communication (UC/USB) lead which can attach to your laptop or computer or a Quick Disconnect (QD) lead which can attach to your desk telephones. 
We also sell the Genus Pro UC and the Genus Pro QD in a monaural and binaural headset. 
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The GENUS Pro UC Monoural Headset is lightweight and designed for long term comfort. It digitally enhances your voice and suppresses echoes and any background noise.
The GENUS Pro UC Binaural can be attached to any USB platform including a computer, laptop and tablet, also it is supplied with a 12 month warranty.
The Genus Pro QD Monaural is equipped with a free QD lead and a flexible 330 degree rotation boom arm. Its includes an adjustable headband and quality noise cancelling.
The Genus Pro QD Binaural has wideband audio and comes with a Plantronics compatible quick disconnect (QD) lead. It also comes with leatherette ear cushions and is CE approved.
For more information on the Genus range, contact us on 01942 686 260 or email

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