Green Credentials

Legacy Telecom Ltd has a proven track record of nearly 15 years in the telecoms industry along with an enviable customer retention rate of over 90%.

We started very modestly with 50 years of combined experience in the telecoms industry, one of our first commitments to our customer base was to raise the standards of refurbished equipment.

Established suppliers were offering refurbished goods as part of their core products however complacency meant customers didn't always get the quality they were paying for. Legacy decided to pay close attention to the finer details of the service by replacing consumables with new, packaging and warranty.

Our customer retention rate speaks for itself and this launched our reputation within the industry and 15 years on our refurbished products are still synonymous with quality and value throughout the UK.

If your organisation has an interest in refurbished telephony products or perhaps you have experienced poor refurbished equipment from another supplier please feel free to call one of our experts who will be happy to discuss our products and services.

Call : 01942 686 260 or email :


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