Headsets Q & A

Legacy have supplied global headset brands for 15 years, throughout our trading history we have been asked for less expensive alternatives.  Back in 2013 we initially launched our Unity headset range,  the Unity range offer our customers an alternative to the larger global brands.

We offer a quality selection of cost saving headset accessories and services that not only benefit the headset user they also provide a r.

Headset Question's & Answer's

Q. Do you repair headsets?

A. Legacy have successfully repaired wired and wireless headsets for over 10 years. Click here for more information

Q. Can you help us to save money on some of the more expensive brands?

A. We can offer alternative brands that essentially work the same as the global brands.

Q. Is there a connecting lead that will fit onto different systems.

A. Legacy offer the universal lead that will fit on most systems and we also offer a headset and QD Lead bundle using the universal lead.

We have recently introduced the Headset Exchange Scheme, this allows the user to dispose of faulty headsets in exchange for a new headset from the LT Headset Range.

If you have any further queries regarding headsets please feel free to call one of our experts on 08456 777 400



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