IoT Enabled


Daisy Anywhere starts with just a SIM card but it isn’t just any SIM card. In fact, it’s a SIM card built on incredible, multi-network technology. It doesn’t rely on a single network and instead builds a reliable data connection by connecting to the strongest network currently available.

It also doesn’t matter where your customers are as Daisy Anywhere covers 650 networks across 180 countries in the world, making working from anywhere easy and effective.

IoT would eliminate connectivity issues and seamlessly cover any potential drops in your broadband service with an unsteered multi-network 4G SIM. Broadband back-up is just one benefit of IoT technology.

Consider if your business is operating in a rural area and fibre doesn't reach your premises or you experience connectivity issues with your existing product, Daisy Anywhere is a perfect solution offering cellular connectivity.  

Machine can communicate with machine, offering invaluable statistics for healthcare, manufacturing, finance and agriculture. Energy companies already use IoT with Smart Meter reading. We now can live in a Smart City where technology can offer updates on energy, transportation and utilities whilst adhering to environmental initiatives.

During the 2020 pandemic IoT became part of the Nightingale Hospitals to ensure that pop-up emergency facilities had tech and data available.


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