Jabra : #MissingLink

Plans to migrate to Skype for Business or any other UC platform in the future?

If you find yourselves using a traditional or IP solution prior to the UC rollout but still need to provide your users with headsets then the Jabra EVOLVE Series is an ideal option.

Jabra have produced the very stylish EVOLVE Series that caters perfectly for the UC market. Using the EVOLVE 40 UC switching between USB and mobile couldn't be easier. Jabra have also recently added the missing link, by producing a bottom lead that will allow your EVOLVE Series to connect to your desk phone (RJ9) with USB for PC and 3.5mm jack connection for tablets and mobile devices, also the boom rotates and will seamlessly fold into the headband with a magnetic clasp.... purely for those who can't risk their street cred dipping while listening to music.

This is an essential piece of technology for work, rest and play, and those who follow in the design of the EVOLVE (and I'm sure they will) can only mimic in the shadow of this very stylish forerunner.

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