January Sale

All the best for 2019 from Legacy Telecom.
Are you looking for some headsets for the start of a New Year?
This January, we are offering you a great sale on the IPSUM Pro W and Pro W+ headsets and the IPSUM Pro - Binaural Voice Tube Headset. 
We are taking off a discount of more than 20% off these three items, we are also throwing in a free QD Lead for each Binaural Voice Tube Headset you purchase. 
The IPSUM Pro W was £115.00 and is now £90.00 each.
The IPSUM Pro W+ was £135.00 and is now £105.00 each.
The IPSUM Pro - Binaural Voice Tube Headset was £48.00 and is now £30.00 each.   
Catch these prices whilst you can, this fantastic sale is only whilst stock lasts. 
Contact us at sales@legacytelecom.co.uk or 08456 777 400 for more information. 
Thank you and happy New Year!

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