How to set up Video in a Small Company

So if you're considering Video Conferencing within the business, we've put together this article as a guide along with a few ideas to get you started.

The Recommended Equipment

Any organisation considering video conferencing wouldn't be surprised to see an array of products and pricng within the market, an ideal starting point for any SME would be the Konftel C20Ego Bundle.

The product is an excellent huddle room device for up to 6 people, the bundle package includes a Konftel Ego Speakerphone, a Konftel Cam20 and a Konftel OCC Hub, to complete the bundle. 


The Konftel Ego just £119

The Konftel Cam20 just £249

The Konftel OCC Hub just £109

The Konftel C20Ego bundle set costs only £419.00!

The Konftel C20Ego Bundle 

Huddle Room

Different Platforms & Infrastructure

The other consideration of video conferencing within your business is making sure you have the right video platform, this is the software aspect that will allow you to communicate with your customers plus your will require a WiFi connection. 

Platform Options

There are numerous web hosting platforms to run your virtual meetings, the most popular platforms used in business include:

Video Conferencing for SME

There are a lot of businesses that prefer to use traditional methods to communicate with their staff, customers and suppliers, whilst other businesses prefer to grow with technology and future-proof  their infrastructure.

Here are some of the advantages of introducing video conferencing to your business.

Number 1: It's a growing demand.

It's hard to ignore the number of business are are increasingly using video conferencing. Decision makers have noticed how reliable and useful to the business along with the savings.

Allowing your sales team to reduce the number of appointments in favour of a video conference meeting could potentially save a huge amount of money, if you were to taking time out of your day to travel to a single client to spend an hour with them and the expense of travelling or even hotel costs.

Number 2: Improved communication between others.

If you have the opportunity to use video conferencing within your business, the potential to benefit your business or product is exponential . You can build greater customer relationships on a daily basis while developing a more productive business.

Number 3: It's environmentally friendly. 

 Video conferencing will reduce your carbon footprint in an environmental way. There is a massive potential  to spend less time and money travelling to work/meetings. You can now have the flexibility to work from home if with this and other collaborative technology.

Number 4: It's more productive.

Time is an expensive commodity when it comes to business and video conferencing will allow you more time to spend on other important areas of the business.

You're Thinking it's Overkill!

Here are some reasons to why this  video technology will work for your business.

Number 1: Structured meetings.

You don't have to waste time on planning and scheduling your meetings only for them to turn up late or even so, they happen to be on annual leave or off sick. Video conferencing allows you to still be able to contact your colleagues wherever they are in the world so that you can remain productive and get your important work done. 

Number 2: Employee Retention.

As people are required to travel less with virtual meetings, employees can have an improved work/life balance and can sometimes find it easier to communicate with staff with the choice to work from home and potentially find interaction richer through Skype, Cisco WebEx, Zoom etc. than face-to-face meetings. 

Number 3: Maintaining Competitive Advantage. 

From having all of these benefits from video conferencing, you can take the lead within your industry and retain a positive reputation with this competitive feature. Your business will have the best form of communication that puts you in a strong position, allowing your organisation to perform diversely and effectively.   


Video Conferencing is Affordable

The costs to using video solutions can be determined by the size of your organisation and how many people work there; still, there are equipment designed to fit different sizes of businesses. 

Legacy Telecom supply a variety of Konftel's cutting-edge technology which will allow your business to grow for a more cost-effective price than what you think.

Here are the range of Konftel's bundle sets which will be great for your business for these remarkable prices:

1: Konftel C20Ego. This is the most popular bundle set as it isn't just ideal for smaller business but also for using on the go. The Konftel Ego is lightweight and can fit into your bag so you can take it anywhere with you.

2: Konftel C2055/55Wx. This bundle set is more suited to medium sized conference rooms and has a touch screen to control the device. The Konftel 55Wx speakerphone is one of units that can be ordered with this bundle as well as the 55, however the 55Wx is special as it includes Bluetooth but also gives you the option to record onto memory cards and connect wirelessly to other devices such as your mobile phone. 


3: Konftel C50300 Hybrid. This bundle set is best used in large conference rooms for meetings up to 20 people. For this reason, you are required to use to the Konftel Cam50 for video conferencing as this camera has a better range and image quality. The Konftel 300 speakerphones can take calls from all different types of phonelines, it has exceptional sound quality and can easily switch between mobiles and USB connections.  




This video has been created on behalf of the Konftel C20Ego bundle set by Legacy Telecom. 

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