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Konftel originally began in Northern Sweden with the aim to decrease the use of raw materials to minimise the negative impact on the environment. It all began with a bank manager in Umeå who was disappointed with the sound quality of his speakerphone so he and his business partners Peter Renkel and John-Erik Eriksson decided to build their own telephones and so making way for the first ever conference unit. 

Huddle Room

The Konftel Ego is an excellent device for a huddle room meeting. Because it is small and easy to carry around, you can achieve productive conference calls quickly when it comes to small forums. There isn't the need for technicians as it is very simple to use and you can connect your mobiles or tablet effortlessly using Bluetooth.  

Konftel Ego

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The Konftel Ego is a great speakerphone for your personal or business use. Its compact size and egonomic design is perfect to fit in your work bag. It also delivers a clear quality audio with its build it OmniSound technology.  

Konftel 55

The Konftel 55 is operated by the use of a touch screen so it is simple to use even when connected to your computer, mobile or desk phone and has high definition Omnisound audio technology. It has a stylish design and is convenient for meeting with up to 12 people at a time.

The Konftel 55 is compatible with a deskphone and Skype.

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Konftel 300Wx

The Konftel 300Wx is a wireless conference phone which allows you to carry out meetings with up to 20 people. With a call time of 60 hours, you can ensure that this speakerphone is very dependable.  

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Konftel Cam20

The Konftel Cam20 is a 4K Ultra HD camera best suitable for huddle rooms to medium sized conference rooms. It has a 105 degree field of view and only requires the use of a USB 3.0 which is easy to install. 


Konftel Cam50

The Konftel Cam50 is a HD 1080p 60fps camera with 12x optical zoom and is suitable for meetings with up to 20 people. It also includes PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) and a USB 3.0. With this dynamic piece of equipment, you can achieve brilliant, remarkable clarity videos that will bring many advantages to your business.


Konftel OCC Hub

The Konftel One-Cable-Connection allows you to connect your cameras, speakerphones and conference units with one USB connection so you can make your work space tidier and your cables more organised. 


BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Konftel has a process where you bring your own device such as your mobile, tablet or PC to a conference and collaborate them wirelessly to achieve a more efficient meeting including cloud-based video.

It's designed to be simplistic for even novice users and there are no costs involved. There is no need for cables as everything is connected by Bluetooth and Skype media.  


If you require any more information about the Konftel Products, please contact the sales team to discuss your enquiry on 01942 686 260. 


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