Mothering Sunday

Making Mothers Day Special!

We would like to wish all our mums a great day for Mothering Sunday on the 31st March 2019, which is also the start of British Summer time, so here is a reminder to be ready with your Mothers Day gifts and remember to turn the clocks forward. 

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Taking Mum for a spot of lunch

Letting mum put her feet up is a perk of Mothering Sunday, taking her for a spot of lunch is one of the most popular ways to say thank you, Bookatable have put together a great collection of restaurants throughout the UK. Click Here

Things Mum would say!  

It would seem our mum's have a universal language which most of us can identify with. We were discussing some of the timeless, classic sayings that seem to be still circulating today. 

How many did you hear growing up?

  1. As long as you live under my roof, you’ll do as I say.
  2. Beds are NOT made for jumping on.
  3. Call me when you get there, just so I know you’re okay.
  4. Take your coat off or you won't feel the benefit when you go outside!
  5. Do as I say, not as I do.
  6. Do you think I’m made of money?
  7. Do you think your socks are going to pick themselves up?
  8. Don’t go out with a wet head, you’ll catch cold.
  9. Don’t make me get up!
  10. Don’t run in the house.
  11. Don’t sit too close to the television, it’ll ruin your eyes.
  12. Don’t talk with your mouth full!
  13. Eat your vegetables, they’re good for you.
  14. Go play outside! It’s too nice to be inside.
  15. How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tasted it?
  16. I didn’t ask who put it there, I said: “Pick it up!”
  17. I don’t care what “everyone” is doing. I care what YOU are doing!
  18. I hope someday you have children just like you.
  19. I just want what’s best for you.
  20. I will always love you – no matter what.
  21. If you’re too sick to go to school, you’re too sick to play outside.
  22. I’m not going to ask you again.
  23. I’m not your maid.
  24. It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s that I don’t trust everyone else.
  25. Life isn’t fair.
  26. Look at me when I’m talking to you.
  27. Money does NOT grow on trees.
  28. Nobody asked you.
  29. Over my dead body!
  30. Pick that up before somebody trips on it and breaks their neck!

 Have a great Mother's Day!

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