Nurturing New Call Centre Agents

When it comes to providing excellent customer service an agent handling calls effectively for your business is commercially critical.

Positive interaction between the trainer and the agent is crucial, particularly for new employees, it's fundamental to  get the balance right, ensuring the right training coupled with the agent using the appropriate call centre technology.

Call centre and office technology can also play a part in helping the employer comply with the latest employment laws and regulations. It is also a fact that productivity and profitability has improved when using the correct call centre technology products.

Headset Mate

One of the most successful UK products for training an agent is the headset training-adaptor

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This product makes side by side training very easy to achieve, as it has two separate mute buttons that allow either the trainer or agent to easily join or leave the conversation with the caller.

This product enhances the experience of using wireless headsets and standard telephones,. it reduces the number of customer call backs and importantly improves customer satisfaction while ensuring that call centre and office technology remains effective and efficient. Please feel free to visit us online

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