Plantronics & Polycom Rebrand

Introducing Poly

The largest global headset company have re-branded themselves after the surprise purchase of Polycom back in March 2018. Polycom bought by Plantronics for $2 billion.

Plantronics supply both business and personal headsets along with audio solutions. Their strategy is to become the partner of choice for the unified communication and collaboration ecosystem with the acquisition. 

Plantronics buy Polycom. More Info 

Out of this World

On the 3rd of October 1962, Walter Schirra wore the first ever Plantronics headset in space,when he orbited Earth six times. NASA were looking for a lightweight communication solution and Walter Schirra made contact with Plantronics to fit the device into his astronaut suit, the rest is history and Plantronics were given the accolade of being a NASA supplier.

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