Rent a Phone, Hire a Headset: Clearing 2023

Renting Telephones or Headsets for Clearing 2023: Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Solutions
As universities and colleges gear up for Clearing 2023, it's important to consider the most efficient and cost-effective ways to manage communications during this busy time. One solution that is gaining popularity is renting telephones instead of buying them outright. Not only does this approach offer significant cost savings, but it also has eco-friendly benefits that are worth considering.
Eco-Friendly Benefits of Renting:
When you rent equipment for Clearing 2023, you are choosing an eco-friendly option that reduces waste and promotes sustainability. Instead of buying new phones that may only be used for a short period of time, renting allows you to reuse existing equipment and reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, when you rent from Legacy Telecom Limited, all phones are fully refreshed with new consumables, ensuring that they are in top condition and ready to use.
Cost-Effective Solutions for Clearing:
Renting for Clearing 2023 is also a cost-effective solution that can help universities and colleges save money. At Legacy Telecom Limited, we offer rental phones from as little as £15 per month and a wired headsets costing £10 per month, providing a cost-effective solution that can help you manage your communications needs during this busy time. Additionally, our rental phones are available for the Clearing period, providing a flexible and affordable solution that can be tailored to your specific needs.
SYNC Binaural USB Headset:
In addition to our rental equipment, we also offer the new SYNC binaural USB headset, which is ideal for Clearing 2023. This headset is available at just £23.50 each and provides a comfortable and reliable solution for communicating with students and staff during this busy time. Buy Now
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