Renting Your Phones & Headsets

Renting Equipment : 100% Tax Efficient

One of the major benefits of renting is the fantastic tax relief businesses enjoy. A business which chooses to rent telephony equipment will be able to enjoy 100% tax relief on all rentals payable. Therefore, renting not only conserves cash flow but saves your business money too.
By choosing to rent your phones or headsets you get the benefit of having the products almost right away,  while your CAPEX is still in tact. Renting is also a great option because  there isn't a big deposit to be paid you simply go straight into the monthly payment plan.
One of our latest rental agreements supplied by Legacy was to University of Kingston, winners of The Guardian Teaching Excellence Award 2017
 Legacy are supplying a short-term rental of 250 IP telephones.
If you have any interest in buying or renting telephony equipment please do not hesitate to call 08456 777 400 or email

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