Training made easy with our Headset Mate adaptor

Seamless training with our Headset mate adaptor

The easiest way for any new team member to learn the ropes of your organisation is to train on the job; answering calls, learning your systems and dealing directly with customers and enquiries.

Even for more experienced staff, when dealing with new products or services, following a move to a new team or during a performance assessment, processes can be made much simpler when two team members share a call.

The HADmate Headset training adaptor allows for efficient and effective side-by-side training. Two separate mute buttons and dual controls allow either team member to join or leave the conversation at any time, and both users are able to listen-only, train or take over the call.

The device is small and easily stored when not in use, with versions available for use with Plantronics wired or wireless systems.

Not using Plantronics? We can supply equivalent training devices to suit other systems including Jabra and Sennheiser.

To order, click here or contact our expert team to find out more.

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