Spring is the time of plans and projects.


We've reached that time of year when spring has finally arrived and there are signs of renewal everywhere you look, it could also be a great time for changes in your business too.

Legacy are offering some of the LT Headset Range of wired headsets via the HeadsetExchangeScheme, it's a very popular way of swapping your faulty headsets that have been stored up over winter, underneath desks and on top of the stationery cupboards, plus you are saving money every time you purchase via the HeadsetExchangeScheme .

Other ways of saving money and renewing your headset estate include the HeadsetRepairService or take a look at the Headset and QD bundle .

Feel free to call one of our headset experts on 08456 777 400 if you have any interest on the products or services featured throughout #OfficiallySpring.

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