Telephone Repair Service

Do you have any faulty telephones?

Legacy Telecom have been repairing telephony equipment for over a decade and have been providing desk telephones, headsets conference units and more for over 16 years, we offer many products and services including the Telephone Repair Service where we can repair and refurbish your damaged or faulty desk phones and bring them back to life from as little as £35.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint!

This is an environmental advantage to all companies as it reduces your carbon footprint and there is a commercial benefit of reducing your operating expenses by over 50%. 

No Fix, No Fee

The Telephone Repair Service comes with 6 months additional warranty and is a no fix, no fee guarantee which means if we can't fix it, you don't have to pay for the repair.  

It's the perfect option for businesses on a budget. It is ideal for those organisations managing a tight budget like councils, charities & the NHS, we have more “green services” which allow considerable savings or a route to exchange old for new. Click the links below for more information on our other green services or click here for more details on the Telephone Repair Service.

Headset Repair Service

Headset Exchange Service

Buy-Back Scheme

If you require more information of the Telephone Repair Service, click here or call our sales team on 01942 686 260.

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