The Top 10 Best Headsets for your Company

Legacy Telecom LTD prides on selling some of the best headsets ever invented to make your company a easier and more enjoyable way of working. Here is the top 10 best headsets for your business.
The Plantronics SAVI W440 Headset is stylish and lightweight, it has a noise cancelling microphone and can conference up to three headsets. Its can also be plugged into your computer and be charged using the USB receiver.
Priced at only £105.00 (refurbished) 
This headset has premium noise-cancelling automation and is designed to reduce any back ground noise. It is built with an adjustable headband and comfortable leatherette ear cushions so it is convenient as easy for you to wear.
Priced at only £76.00. 
The Sennheiser D10 Headset gives you a range of 55 meters and 12 hours talk time with a quality noise cancelling, rotational boom arm.
Priced at only £145.95.
This headset has outstanding, noise cancelling sound quality. Also it has Intuitive call controls and  SmartSensor technology.
Priced at only £165.95.
The Sennheiser MB Pro 1 Headset gives you 15 hours talk time and can connect using cordless connection to 2 mobiles at any one time. Comes with comfortable leatherette ear cushions and an adjustable headband. 
Priced at only £135.95.
The Jabra BIZ 2400 Duo Headset is suitable for all busy environments. Its has brilliant sound and a plug and play function.   
Priced at only £35.00 (refurbished)
This headset can connect to your desk telephone, PC, Laptop or Smart Phone using Bluetooth. It can also reach up to a range of 100 m and has custom fit. 
Priced at only £225.00.
This lightweight, noise cancelling headset allows you 7 hours of talk time and a 350 ft range. It's supplied with 2 years warranty and can connect with your desk telephone.
Priced at only £153.00.
The Jabra Pro 920 Mono Headset gives you 120 metres range and 9 hours talk time. It has a noise cancelling microphone to minimize background noise and an auto-sleep mode to help preserve batteries. 
Priced at only £145.00.
This noise cancelling headset has Wideband Audio and Digital Signal Processing technologies to suppress background noise and lets you concentrate better on your calls.
Priced at £129.75.
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