The Brand New Plantronics Elara 60 Series

Plantronics are releasing a brand new versatile model of mobile stations called the Elara 60 Series, early 2019. Their modern technology are now evolving to broaden its ways of communication for business and home. 

The new Elara 60 Series has been installed with multiple features including a place for your mobile phone with a rechargeable option which means you can work from home or on the go. As it is now 36% of employees depend of their mobiles for work, this device has been designed to enhance your productivity and work collaboration so you can stay flexible and be constructive 24/7. 

The Elara 60 series allows you to have easy deployment as it enables users to be free to move from their desk because of it's excellent cordless communication as well as also having enhanced, quality sound and advanced headset features. 

Another wonderful feature about the Elara is that it integrates with Microsoft teams which means you can video chat or conference call with other staff, suppliers or customers. Plantronics believe that collaboration is swiftly becoming a very important part of the unified communication discussion.  

Finally, this telephony model includes a companion app to benefiting businesses by allowing you to customise settings to suit your working preferences and update firmware instantly. 

The Plantronics Elara 60 Series offers amazing observation to your business with its device usage statistics and inventory tracking. Also as it is especially designed for mobile workers, this reliable and impressive device could be the answer to evolving your business positively.   

Click on the link to see the video about the Elara 60 Series:  


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