TLS Advanced : Call Recording made Accessible

Call Recording is just too Expensive

Small or large, any business has the potential to face criminal proceedings when it comes to disputes over the phone . Telesales and similar customer service environments really need the technology in place to defuse any potential and often simple miscommunication, these could be a simple misunderstanding about products or payments that could easily escalate to a much more serious issue.

Consider the Commercial Benefit

Professional call recording is a proactive way to prevent liability and offer dispute resolution along with training and development for your staff.

The TLS Advanced offers a single line standalone solution, ideal for a helpdesk team, accounts department or telesales environment.  Click on the image for more details.

You can have up to 4 x TLS Advanced devices on a single PC if you wish to connect to a mobile or tablet device.

Go Mobile

If you wish to record to a mobile or tablet device then an additional cable will be required, the TLS Advanced 157i. Click here for more detail

Multiple Users

For more than 8 users it would be more cost effective to have a PC based call recording system which are also available from Legacy, please feel free to call  08456 777 400 or email if you have any interest on this or any other telephony solution.

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