To Teams or Not to Teams


To Teams or not to Teams?

That is the question that businesses are increasingly asking themselves when considering their telephone system.

Over the last few years, more and more businesses have turned to solutions such as Teams, Zoom and Slack to keep connected whilst their teams grappled with having to work from home during the lockdowns. Whilst many of these were “quick fixes” to keep colleagues connected whilst working from home, business owners and IT leaders are now looking at a more permanent solution to the problem of supporting remote and dispersed workforces.

Microsoft Teams was one such popular “quick fix” due to it being included in their Office365 (now Microsoft365) licencing. Microsoft promotes Teams as a full-service collaboration suite, enabling users to stay connected through online chat and meetings, the ability to share work and collaborate across the expanse of the internet and keep people connected wherever they are.

However, whilst there is a PBX (or phone system) function within Teams, adoption has been limited as there are a few things that users need to know about it first that means it might not be suitable for all applications.

To help understand what options there are regarding Teams, we’ve put together a useful PDF guide which can be downloaded and we have also included an audit form, if you wish discuss further.

  To Teams or Not to Teams 

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