Top Asked Questions on Headsets feat. Podcast

Headsets!? They come in many different shapes and with many different features. With the wide range of brands and models, each one individually unique, finding the right one for you can be easier said than done.

We hope that these top asked questions about headsets will help you find the answer and give you a better indication of what you are looking for. 

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Top Asked Questions

1. Who are the big players in the headset industry that you would recognise as suppliers of wired and wireless headsets?

Plantronics and Jabra/GN Group

2. Can you explain the difference between a monaural headset and a binaural headset?

A monaural headset is a single ear headset and a binaural headset is a double ear headset.

3. What is the difference between a USB headset and a QD (Quick Disconnect) headset?

A USB headset will have a USB connection which is compatible with any USB ports and can be used with laptops, tablets, PCs etc. A QD headset headset will need a cable to connect to a desk telephone. 

4. Can you supply new wired and wireless Plantronics & Jabra headsets and if so, what is the warranty?

Yes! Legacy Telecom can supply most of the current new and refurbished ranges such as the Supra, Supra Plus, Encore Pro and Savi ranges and they all come with a 12 month warranty whether they are new or refurbished.

5. Can you repair wired & wireless, Plantronics and Jabra headsets?

Yes! Legacy Telecom have offered a Headset Repair Service for the last 13 years which is used mainly for the Plantronics Supra and SupraPlus headsets and most of Jabra's wired headsets. We can also repair the Plantronics CS60, CS540, the Savi W700 series and the Jabra 9120 and 9300 series. 

6. If I had a 20 seat call center and I had a budget to stick to and I was after a wireless headset solution, what would you offer to me and why?

I would offer you the refurbished Plantronics Savi W700 range which are wireless headsets and will connect to all of your devices such as your desk phone, PC and mobile. So in the long term, if you are using just your desk phone but then you decide you want to go to a soft phones solution instead, you will not need to purchase new headsets as the Savi W700 range will connect wirelessly to your PC, desk phone and mobile.

7. Do you supply your own range of wired headsets?

Yes! The Genus range is Legacy Telecom's own range of wired headsets.

8. Do you have a QD and a USB version of these?

Yes! There are 4 different models in the Genus range. There is the monaural QD and USB headset and the binaural QD and USB headsets.

9. What are the benefits of the Genus range if I was to purchase wired headsets?

The Genus range include a full 12 month warranty and comes in a monaural and binaural version. The QD headsets are supplied with a FREE QD lead of your choice, just let your account manager know what model of desk telephone you use and they will ensure that you get the right connection cable.

10. What type of warranty do they come with, are they new or refurbished and what prices do they come at?

All the Genus headsets are brand new, they come with a 12 month warranty and the prices are set prices. 

The Genus Pro QD Monaural is just £35. Buy Now.

The Genus Pro QD Binaural is just £40. Buy Now.

The Genus Pro UC Monaural is just £30. Buy Now.

The Genus Pro UC Binaural is just £35. Buy Now


You can also listen to this article as a podcast, created by Andy from sales and Megan from marketing:


We hoped this article answered your questions about headsets. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the sales team on 01942 686 260 or email


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