...Lines & Calls

Making a telephone call, sending a fax or accessing your IP network all rely on the telephone line. The type of telephone lines for each business will differ depending on the size of the company and how you wish to communicate as a business.

Legacy Telecom can offer advice on which product suits your business needs.

ISDN 30 is a faster secure connection allowing multiple device connectivity. This high speed connection is ideal for mobile staff and regional offices.

ISDN 2 is two concurrent telephone calls at the same time over the one PSTN line. ISDN 2 services delivers clear, high-quality telephone connections and ideally suited to smaller companies operating 2 to 6 telephone lines.

Geographic numbers are local telephone numbers specific to a town or city location in the UK. The numbers are virtual, which means that there are no expensive line rentals or installation fees to pay, making them ideal for start-up companies.

Our range of telephone lines and voice services are varied and whether you are a sole trader or larger organisation, we can enable your business and offer competitive line rental and voice services. 


Please feel free to call the business connectivity team should you have any interest on 01942 686 260 or email sales@legacytelecom.co.uk