..,Rental : Equipment or Services


Rental of Products & Services

(1) In these Terms and Conditions the word " customer" shall mean the person, firm or company officially agreeing to rent goods or services from Legacy Telecom Ltd, trading from C5(4) Centre Court, William Way, Moss Industrial Estate, LEIGH, Greater Manchester WN7 3QA. The words "these conditions" of rental set out herein and the word "goods" shall mean all equipment, spare parts or services to be provide to the customer by Legacy Telecom Ltd.

Rental Payment

(1) Unless otherwise expressly agreed the rental price is payable on delivery of goods with an invoice. And then every 28 days thereafter.

(2) Time for rental payment is of the essence and if payment is not made either on the agreed date or within the agreed 28 days thereafter from the date of invoice, Legacy Telecom Ltd may require the customer to pay 1.5% interest per month from the date of invoice compounded monthly.

(3) If payment should not be made on time. Legacy Telecom Ltd will be entitled to charge in addition to interest any legal costs ordered by the Court and without prejudice.

(4) Unless otherwise stated, all payments are to be made in sterling to Legacy Telecom Ltd.

(5) At the end of the specified rental term it will be the customer's responsibility to return all goods at their own expense, collection of goods can be arranged by Legacy Telecom Ltd with an additional specified collection charge.  Goods damaged, missing or broken will be chargeable on a per item basis and will be specified prior to rental commencing by Legacy Telecom Ltd.